Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Bushido: Battle Report(ish) - 40 Rice Savage Wave Vs Tengu

So readers as promised in the previous post I'd do another Bushido Battle report/photo dump.

This game only last 2 and a bit turns due to some bad (good?) dice rolling and I also missed a couple of the end pictures due to a dying phone.

Savage Wave Vs Tengu
40 Rice
Scenario: KEII

Type: Scenario Objective

Baseline Deployment

6 Scenario Objectives (Small)
2 Friendly, 2 Neutral and 2 Enemy

Game Length: Fixed (6)

Scenario Objective Interaction:
Prayer (5) (Simple)

Victory Conditions:
To the player with most Scenario Points
at the end of Turn 2.
To the player with most Scenario Points
at the end of Turn 4.
To the player withmost Scenario Points at the end of Turn 6.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Bushido: More Savage Wave, House & Torii Gate

Good morning/afternoon/night my loyal readers of the darkest dankest Blog of Vice and Dice.

I've been a bit lax updating this Blog with my efforts mostly being on posting on Fannybook for ease and pure laziness on my part.

But I have 2 Bushido posts coming up for you reading pleasure.

First is a general update than tomorrow a Battlereport/photo dump of my latest game.

Warband so far, 13 buggers with 3 more to finish.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Bushido: 3D Printed House and Scatter Terrain

Welcome loyal readers who still like to punish themselves by reading my ol' somewhat hobby butterfly Blog.

Nothing too exciting today I'm afraid with just some scenery for my WIP Bushido 2x2 gaming board.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Bushido: Battle Report(ish) - 35 Rice Savage Wave Vs Tengu

So this lunchtime I jumped on a London Overground train and headed down to Harrow for a few hours of Wargaming once again against my regular opponent Pat at his place.

I arrived to see a lovely 2x2 board already set up and his Warband ready for some action.

I quickly made up a 35 Rice Warband which looked cool.. I had no clue how well they may  play & synergize or not (Mostly not as it happened hehe).

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Bolt Action: Defence of Berlin German Force

So regular readers know that I love my WW2 gaming in the form of Bolt Action by Warlord Games.

For me it's the perfect blend of historic forces and freedom to not worry too much about historically correct forces and rivet counting. While some people love making 100% correct forces right down to the correct camo underwear, it just isn't for me.

With this in mind I tend to build my Bolt Action forces within a loose theme such as a Late War Winter German Wehrmacht rather than say a rather more specific theatre, Regiment or month/year. 

But this time I've gone for a tad more specific for my latest force, a ''Defence of Berlin'' army, a rag tag bunch of 33rd Waffen SS, Hitler Youth and old men, police, firemen and rear echelon Heer.

You can see thsi force in action from the Battle Report I did a few weeks ago:

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Bushido: Savage Wave Pt.2

Well then these didn't take long to paint up (Less than a week in fact), Plus I have to say I was really shocked just how much I enjoyed painting these up.

Sticking them together though wasn't so good.. I may or may not have sworn once, Ok maybe twice 😄

So without rambling on here's the completed Save Wave starter set:

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Bushido: Savage Wave Pt.1

Welcome boys and girls, it's seem the combination of warm weather and the Salute trip is fully juiced up my hobby mojo (I call him Tim, Tim the Mojo).

This morning in the space of 2 hours I cracked out my first ever Bushido mini and tried out a new paint/technique as well.

Anyway enough babble here's some pictures:

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